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from Amy Collier B. Cameron Langston Bridge

Or as I love to call it - the bridge to my paradise. Hi Cathy, I bought this pic from you at (I think) the MHC Seafood Festival. It sits in my office and when things are rougher than usual, I look over at it and smile. I wish I could post it and several of your other pieces to FB or Pinterest to share your talent and my passion for the coast with others. Love the arial of The Point, under Bogue Inlet Pier and egrets nesting in trees at sunset. And, of course, all the playful pieces you do like Visualize Whirled Peas. Hope you're still around the coast and doing well. Previous Response:
from Cathy Martin
on June 14, 2012
 Thank you Amy....your message was very kind.....sounds like you love the coast as much as I.
Take care and ty again 

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