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from  Hey Wild Thang - site looks great

sorry it took so long to get here but the site looks great, Mic and I enjoyed the shots and the flashback to some of the sites where you took them, hoping to see you in the near future

all the best Steve, Mickey mouse and Dela Previous Response:
from Cathy Martin
on August 27, 2003
 Hey Guys......Thank you very much! Man.. is it ever nice to hear from y'all. I hope all is well and I think of you all very often..(pssst...especially you Mick..don't tell them I said that though). I am still waiting for a visit..You all know that you are welcome anytime. Again ..I hope all is well and thanks again..
Take Care
Cath  Previous Response:
on July 25, 2011
 Filnaly! This is just what I was looking for. 

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