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Question   Liv and Rob's Wedding
I am in love with all of the photos! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for doing this for us! They turned out exactly how I had hoped....you are the best! I think I have looked at them all 50 times already!
Thank so much!
Liv and Rob

- Liv Barnes January 19, 2009

  Answer My pleasure.,,Wish you and Rob a lifetime of happiness..

- Cathy Martin  January 19, 2009

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Question   wedding pictures
Hi Cathy,
We saw Rob and Liv's wedding pictures for the first time today and they are simply beautiful!! You did a wonderful job. We cannot thank you enough. Take care and thanks again..

- Bonnie Barnes January 18, 2009

  Answer Thanks Bonnie...
Glad you like them...
take care

- Cathy Martin  January 19, 2009

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Question   Love your work!!
I have purchased 6 works of art from you and everyone that has seen them has enjoyed and loved them. I have two pics of BIP, and purchased others too. I hope to continue to see new things from you and look forward to seeing you at the Seafood Festival again this year.

- Traci Roberts January 16, 2009

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Question   Girls Night Out
What a perfect picture. You have a rare talent & gift.

- Debbie B October 20, 2008

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Question   "The Gift"
There are many photographers, but very few possess the Gift. You are incredibly talented Cathy. I cannot consider your work as photography. You are an Artist. Your work draws in the viewer and makes one pause and reflect, much like an Ansel Adams Show. What a Gift God has given you. I am so blessed to have you as my friend.
Love you too, rusti

- Rusti Collins Geer May 24, 2008

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Question   wedding pictures
Your pictures are beautiful! Rob told me that you are going to take His and Liv's wedding pictures. Thank you so much!! I love your website..

- Bonnie Barnes April 19, 2008

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Question   Your Awesome Photos
Hi Cath:

Wow, your pics are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! You should do this for a living! LOL Where's my pic and my beautiful baby boys! all three of them! I'm going to have to come down there and visit you and get in your face! maybe I'll take my own pic and put it on your site! hehehe

Take care and bfn,


-  March 21, 2008

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Question   Amazing Site!!
Hey Aunt Cath......the site is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! The pics of RJ's wedding are amazing!! I hope things are going well down there! We're ok! Tell the fam we said hello and I can't wait until we see you again!! Miss you all terribly!! Luv Ya!!


-  February 19, 2008

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Question   your photos
So, who's the hot babe with the kids? Miss you, you are the best of the best of the best, and don't let anyone else tell ya different.

-  December 01, 2007

  Answer Miss you too....The 'hot babe' with the kids is a friend of mine that I can hardly wait to see again. When are you coming home? We need you here....Joanie is getting a little out of hand...

- Cathy Martin  December 03, 2007

  Answer around christmas time I get to missing ya'll...no one appreciates a crazy "B" around these parts. Now in JAX, FL. The land of the zombies.

LOVE YOU. C. P.S. Joanie seems to brighten up with a decent dessert and some sparkling cider.

-  December 23, 2008

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Question   Photo's
You have the most Beautiful Photo's I've seen in a long time,they are real,and not just simple drawings.I love your work.It is the most Honest and Most Beautiful work.I will be looking forward to coming to the beach this year again.My favorite place in the world is your pwn back yard.Thanks for putting your talent on the web so many people can view it.

-  July 13, 2007

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Question   my wedding pics
hey ma, just wanted to say thanx for taking such awesmoe pics of mine and steph's wedding. Make sure to thank Tiffany for me to ok luv ya

-  March 21, 2007

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Question   great stuff
Cath,you really are a pro. Glad you are doing what you love and care about.. Sue

-  March 13, 2007

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Question   Wedding pics
Hey Cathy. I plan to have a small wedding on the beach on July 24, 2007. I was interested in packages and pricing for that day if you are available. Thank You,

-  February 13, 2007

  Answer Hey Alley....It might be easier if you would email me at cmartin7@ec.rr.com..

- Cathy Martin  February 13, 2007

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Question   Pricing
My family & I will be in Emerald Isle for the week of July 21, 2007 and would like some family photos taken on the beach. We have rented a home that is right on the beach. Would like to know if you have a pricing package. Thank you.

-  January 29, 2007

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Question   Great site!
Hey Aunt Cath,
What a beautiful website! Great pictures- you are so talented :) Hope you're doing well...Take care, Lara xoxo

-  December 13, 2006

  Answer Hey Lara....
Thanks sweetie.....nice of you to stop by.....Hope all is well with you....say hi to the family for me...
Luv ya
Aunt Cath

- Cathy Martin  December 13, 2006

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Question   Wow
Hey its your (favorite?) nephew from the great white north.. What beautiful pictures.. Very impressed but you already knew I would be.. I was thinking of comming down soon in the fall.. Talk to you soon

-  July 31, 2006

  Answer Hey Michael....Well thanks nephew...nice of you to visit my site....and you are of course, welcome any time.
Take care
Aunt Cath

- Cathy Martin  August 06, 2006

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Question   comment
hey its me bryant the 1 that let me use ur camera thanx alot for letting me use it I had a great time taking pictures

-  July 18, 2006

  Answer Hey Bryant.....I will be sending you the pics you took as soon as you send me your email address.....I was great workin' with ya
see ya

- Cathy Martin  July 18, 2006

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Question   senior pictures
Hey Cathy,
We are from PA, and are headed your way for July 4th and wondered if you do senior pictures?

-  June 13, 2006

  Answer do any kind of pictures you want

- Cathy Martin  June 13, 2006

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Question   Family Photos
What is the typical cost of a family photo on the beach?

-  March 12, 2006

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Question   DAMN
Damn Girl, you're GOOD!

-  January 01, 2006

  Answer Why thank you Annemarie....you have such a sweet way of expressing yourself...thanks again

- Cathy Martin  January 01, 2006

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