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Question   Beautiful Site
I always feel better after looking at your site. It's definitely a great way to forget everything else and to be reminded of all the beautiful things that we are surrounded by every day.

-  June 04, 2005

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Question   Great site!

I stumbled upon your site while looking for cottages at Emerald Isle for the Memorial Weekend and was quite impressed with your photos. I just wish I could do with my camera what you do with yours. Hats off to you!

Melanie Gates
Houser Associates Real Estate
Goldsboro, NC

-  May 04, 2005

  Answer Thanks Melanie......Hope you didn't hurt yourself when you stumbled...and good luck with finding a cottage..
thanks again

- Cathy Martin  May 04, 2005

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Question   Your site
Your pictures are great! I am going to share this site with everyone I know.

-  January 13, 2005

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Question   General
So many scenes, so little time!

Great site.

-  January 24, 2004

  Answer Hey Jerry...thanks for visiting....I am really glad that you enjoyed the site....thanks again

- Cathy Martin  February 02, 2004

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Question   Fantastic Site!
Hi Cath:

Your site is really wonderful! but you haven't got one pic of my beautiful cat, Py! I do recognize some of those little brats (LOL). Aren't you glad that ours are grown up, so to speak! Great work and I love your pics. I'm looking at your harmonica pic as I type this as it's hanging on my office wall.
P.S. Your Mom is sitting beside me and we're checking out your site together. I think she's a little biased! LOL

-  September 19, 2003

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Question   Hey Wild Thang - site looks great
sorry it took so long to get here but the site looks great, Mic and I enjoyed the shots and the flashback to some of the sites where you took them, hoping to see you in the near future

all the best Steve, Mickey mouse and Dela

-  August 21, 2003

  Answer Hey Guys......Thank you very much! Man.. is it ever nice to hear from y'all. I hope all is well and I think of you all very often..(pssst...especially you Mick..don't tell them I said that though). I am still waiting for a visit..You all know that you are welcome anytime. Again ..I hope all is well and thanks again..
Take Care

- Cathy Martin  August 27, 2003

  Answer Filnaly! This is just what I was looking for.

- Vinny Vinny  July 25, 2011

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Question   when is your store open?
Hey Mrs. Martin,

Hey the next time R.J. and I come to the beach I hope the shop will be ready for me to shop in....


-  August 17, 2003

  Answer Hey Nicole......When the shop opens...the pics on on me....thanks for visiting...see you soon

- Cathy Martin  August 20, 2003

  Answer I'm really into it, thkans for this great stuff!

- Genevieve Genevieve  July 25, 2011

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Question   Dogs
Ya know mom, I noticed Riley and Oreo on the site...what about Jersey P? Is she not cute enough? Besides you need at leat 1 picture of a dingo. The site looks fabulous, I love it. Love ya mom.

-  August 14, 2003

  Answer Katie......LOL..you are absolutely correct...I have not given Jersey P equal time....Will definately take care of the matter....Thanks for visiting Sweetie...Luv ya too

- Cathy Martin  August 14, 2003

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Question   fruits and veggies
I like your photos, your fruits and veggies are my favorite. Keep em coming.

- Colleen Braun August 13, 2003

  Answer Thanks Colleen very much for visiting...the fruits and veggies were soo much fun to shoot...glad you liked them...thanks again

- Cathy Martin  August 13, 2003

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Question   Photography
I really like your site! Keep em comming
Kresta BOOK

- Kresta M. Book August 12, 2003

  Answer Krista...Thank you very much....It was great of you to visit your comments are very much appreciated...thanks alot...

- Cathy Martin  August 13, 2003

  Answer Great insight. Releievd I'm on the same side as you.

- Allayna Allayna  December 18, 2011

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Question   Great work
Great work! I really enjoyed your galleries, keep it up! :-)

- Damian P. Gadal August 12, 2003

  Answer Damian....Thanks very much...I am so glad that you enjoyed the site..and thanks for your wonderful comments....Cathy

- Cathy Martin  August 13, 2003

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Question   Awesome

Love it! I think I recognize some people in category number six? Keep up the good work.

-  August 12, 2003

  Answer Sara.....thanks sweetie....LOL...if you don't recongnize people in number six....well I think we may have a problem here...lol
thanks again...say hi to your Mom and Dad and Sammy for me

- Cathy Martin  August 12, 2003

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Question   Picture selection
I love the pictures. Especially Riley's! The site looks excellent. Keep up the good work, and I'll look forward to seeing the additions.


-  August 11, 2003

  Answer Tank you Brian.....Am so glad you like the site....It was nice seeing you guys..hope to see you both again very soon.....Actually that pic of Riley was taken the w/e you were here..
Thanks again and take care

- Cathy Martin  August 11, 2003

  Answer Not Tank you.....What I meant was Thank you...see ya Brian

- Cathy Martin  August 11, 2003

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